Random thoughts and ramblings


Things to celebrate in my world…


Pretty Beads… my precious…

My beads turned up – I was expecting them, but it was really nice to get a parcel anyway. Now I can make some bracelets and things.


I got a months worth of my Confectionery Course along with my chocolate dipping tools and a few other things… now I can play with sugar and chocolate in a way that is a lot more satisfying than just eating it.

My youngest daughter is starting her journey into the world of solid food. It’s going to be fun introducing her to new tastes and I’m going to try and get my older children to join in, so they try new food too.


This happened last night, but what the heck, I’ll celebrate it now as well – I managed to write the beginning to a new serial story in the Free Stuff Section of the website. It’s called “The Time Traveller’s Project” and it might touch on some difficult subjects, but hopefully it’ll be good fun as well as readable!


This is a major hub in my world (along with Sherlock) and I am getting really excited about the start of the new series, the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and just Doctor who in General…

Fancy a sneak peek? Take a gander at this…

Clara looking lovely…I think the dress is gorgeous!


The countdown will start shortly…

That’s all for now… I’ll see what I can come up with for tomorrow later…  Have fun, peeps!