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The Languages of Tolkien and other communications

While I’m writing, especially in a Quargard story, I need to render a spell from English into a different language. Normally the character I am using is elvish, so I use the languages invented by Papa Tolkien himself to create the spell.

That’s when I’ll go to a site like this – 

alphaDictionary * Free Tolkien Languages Dictionary – Free Tolkien Languages Grammar

Sometimes I might take a leaf out of J K Rowling’s book and write everything backward … Mirror of Erised anyone?

Occasionally, I’ll turn to the Celtic languages for inspiration, so you might find a jumble of Welsh, Irish or Gaelic making an appearance.

I apologise to speakers of those languages for the mangling I put them through… it’s all Google Translate’s fault you know…

And just sometimes I may even combine all three… you never know what I am going to do to make sure the spell sounds particularly mystic…

3 thoughts on “The Languages of Tolkien and other communications”

  1. This is fantastic! And once again, there goes my productivity for the day. This morning, someone shared a link to an etymology dictionary, and I could easily spend the day reading it. 🙂

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