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Can I please make a point about my blog?

There are other pages on this here blog you know.

I know you probably only visit in order to read whatever delightful insight I’ve had most recently… or to spam me and try to get me to link to you so you can spam others… but please, while you’re here, take a look around!

blog pic
Current blog layout (subject to change)

There are pages here where you can find Free Stuff to Read; things that I work on intermittently and am not likely to publish in any other way.

You can also find links to my published writing through the Kira Morgana and A. E. Churchyard pages – I’m working on getting my books out to people through various means.

If you visit The Tower and The Eye pages, you’ll find links to Smashwords, Amazon (both UK & US) and where you can find the book in print format.

You can also buy a PDF copy direct from me by following the “For all electronic readers” links. So if you want to avoid the middlemen, there is a route for you!

Take a look around every time you visit… you never know what I will have changed next…