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Poetry Witch is Spooky! | Indiegogo

Meet the Poetry Witch! Illus. by Kari-Anne Fehn

My friend, poet and fellow author, Michele Brenton is publishing a children’s book with the aid of artist, Kari-Anne Fehn  – and it’s looking stunning already!

If you fancy getting your name in the book, getting a signed copy or even an original painting from the book, click the link and pop through to Indiegogo. There you can donate and claim one of these wonderful rewards!

Even if you can’t donate, click through and share the page with your friends – every bit of publicity helps!

Poetry Witch is Spooky! | Indiegogo.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Witch is Spooky! | Indiegogo”

  1. Thank you Kira! This is loads of fun and I hope all the people who get involved will find it as much fun as Kari-Anne and I are having.

    The artwork for the book is so wonderful. Each time a new piece is finished is like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! That’s how I feel when I finish the first draft of a book, and again when I get the cover and yet again when I publish it!

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