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The Sun came up … and it brought presents with it!

yule dragon

…Have you finished getting ready yet?


I’d love to have snow at christmas this year, but so far all we’ve had is wind and rain… pretty typical welsh weather for this time of year of course. I’ve pretty much finished everything I need to do, just got some cleaning, baking and decorating to do.

My To do List is probably pretty typical of most Mother’s at this time of year:

1) Clean House from roof to basement.
2) Bake lots of yummy treats to stuff my kids with (mince pies, biscuits and cakes of course!)
3) Decorate the living room for Christmas.

The bit that isn’t typical though is the Writer’s Section:

1) Give a Gift to all my readers.
2) Get some of the Character noise out of my head and onto the PC so that I can relax over xmas.
3) Try very hard not to dive into writing so much that none of the Mother list is neglected.

So let’s get the writing bit out of the way…

I don’t know how many people know this, but my books are available on pretty much any e-reader you may have in your possession. Unlike some authors, I prefer to make sure that everyone can read my work, so I use Smashwords to distribute my books to Nook, I-Tunes, Flipkart, Page Foundry, Play, FNAC, Libris… in every outlet that has a contract with Smashwords, you will find my books.
I’m not just an Amazon Author.

So my First Christmas Gift to my readers is this –

If you go to Smashwords, you will find The Necklace of Harmony is now free. This is my first Christmas gift to those of you who come here and read whatever random thoughts I put onto this page!

My first story collection... a gentle introduction to my mind.
My first story collection… a gentle introduction to my mind.

As Necklace is also in the premium catalogue, you’ll find that the lack of cost will eventually make its way over to the other e-reader sites as well.
I’ll be leaving Necklace on Free for a while – if you haven’t already read it, grab a copy with my compliments and do so; just please remember to leave a review wherever you get it from, please!

My second Christmas gift to you is the chance to read some of my work in progress. I’m a member of WattPad and I have five books up on the site that are in varying stages of development. Each one is given a thorough proofreading before I post it, so it’s not entirely unedited, but it is all brand new and in need of readers!
As soon as I finish a story it is taken down, so this is your chance to tell me what you think, to help me improve the stories before I actually publish them formally. Here’s the run down:

The Tree of Fate (Fantasy)

Arking Down rises above a unique geological, spiritual and dimensional location. For thousands of years, humans have lived in the valley below and shaped both the land and the adjoining dimensions.
The Water Dimension is one of these. Ruled jointly by Humans and Fae, the land is divided and has been the scene of many battles between the races. One bloodline joins both races and will be the salvation of this world and the Nexus world.

Ilueadtân is a warrior born, fate bound to rescue a princess. Airmid, an ancient Goddess who has waited eons and crossed dimensional boundaries to find the soul of her True Love.
However, Daemons plot and scheme in their holdfast in this dimension and nothing is ever certain when the Fire Dimension is involved.

The Lost Princess (Science Fantasy)

A world protected by powerful beings. A dimension in danger of being enslaved. The key to saving both, a girl with no idea who she is and her twin sister with incredible powers.

Do we ever truly know ourselves? When we ask, “Who am I”, do we ever actually find the answer? Cha Dea, known to the rest of Xan’aki as The Kingdom of The Seven Towers, has lost their third King in a row, plunging the kingdom into unheard of chaos.
Duke Andrionae’s ambitions towards the throne lead him into plotting against his rivals. Ríonach’s future lies in magic. Sedaera is lost in a world of vice and Loreanna has to find out which world she belongs to. Only Ser Amerlyn knows the path, but even the Voice of The Gods does not know of the danger all Xan’aki faces. Before peace can be made in Cha Dea, life is going to get a whole lot colder and darker…

The Bluen Planet (Science Fiction)

Having battled the strange geloid aliens known as the Bluen for just under half a century, the Terrene Empire has sent out exploratory class ships to find the alien’s home planet and destroy the enemy utterly.

Four weeks out from Barnard’s Star Waystation, TSS Magicienne encounters a small merchant class ship floating dead in space, the merchant’s crew having been overwhelmed by the Bluen. Once the infestation is dealt with, Midshipman Jir Shannar commands a Recon Mission to the last planet the ship went to, in the hope that it is the elusive home planet.

What they find isn’t covered in their TESS training…

Night of the Nanobug (Science Fantasy)

Two Millennia into the future, the planet Earth has changed beyond imagination. The Humans had sole control of the Earth for two millennia and ended up almost destroying themselves and the planet.
The Elves and the Dragons returned to the Earth from their self imposed exile and helped the humans to fix their mess, ushering in a new era of peace and tranquillity.

Two University Students find themselves working on the project of a lifetime, examining finds from the archaeology dig of the millennium. Engineering genius, Rhianwen Apjenin, designs a Nanite to become potentially dangerous biological material, thus rendering it safe for examination. Her Dragon boyfriend, Ciaran Silvang, aids her as the protégé of Dr Sashelas Jertinal, the Director of the Lundn Dig.

All seems to be going well until Master Neil Ellison attempts to alter the parameters of the Nanites in a fit of jealousy. During an unscheduled thunderstorm, the containment fails and the Nanites combine with the specimen they have copied, infecting Master Ellison.

Can a world that has forgotten the destructive side of technology survive it’s return?

The Hat and The Tiara (Fantasy)

“When I was eleven, my entire life changed.
At the time I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but it all started with an unexpected summons to the Palace…”

Louisa and her mother are happy and prosperous milliners in the small town of Ashgrove in Enteria. Louisa’s talent for design catches the attention of the Queen and her daughter Amber-Rose. Her mother’s beauty ensnares the King’s regard.

After a terrible accident befalls the Queen, the King brings Louisa and her mother to live at the Palace. And Louisa finds out that being a member of Court is nowhere near as simple as it looks.

Keep your eyes open because as I complete a section on each story, I will post it. This is a part of #2 on my writer’s to-do list…

…Get some of the Character noise out of my head and onto the PC so that I can relax over xmas…

It’s my aim for 2015 to get these five Work-In-Progress stories completed and onto the next stage of the publishing process! Then I’ll upload a new set and start again with them…

My final present isn’t ready yet… come back in the New Year and I’ll tell you all about it.

Merry Christmas and…

happy holidays