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Here is my interview with Mandy Ward aka Kira Morgana

And I’ve been interviewed! Find out more…



Name Mandy Ward aka Kira Morgana, A.E. Churchyard…

Age Old enough to know better, young enough to enjoy it!

Where are you from I’m British. I originally came from Suffolk, but due to various things happening to me, I’ve ended up in South Wales

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I have three children; Number One Son who is 14, Princess Talkative who is 9 and Princess Wriggles who is a year old. I usually refer to them as NOS, PT and PW when I mention them in my blog posts etc.

I’m engaged to a wonderfully creative and patient man who quite literally is The Other Half (TOH). We’ve been engaged since we met at University in 1995; eventually we’ll make it down the aisle, but until then, we are enjoying being together and having a family.

I don’t just sit at home…

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