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Spring Returns, by Kira Morgana (posted by permission)

Did a little writing exercise today… this was the result! It’s the start of another story.
How long it is going to be in the end, I have no idea, but I know exactly what is going to happen to this story and the one that is connected to it!
More on that tomorrow…

Anyway, pop over to Suzana Wylie’s blog and read all the other talented writers who have participated in this exercise… and yes, I have a second story in there too. I couldn’t stop myself!

Suzana Writes


Spring Returns

The sun rose, coating the standing stone with golden light, melting the last few ice crystals lodged in the ancient carvings. Inside the granite monolith, the spirit stretched and yawned. “Your turn.” It called out as it curled up. “Winter’s over.”

The breeze took up the spirit’s voice and delivered it to a nearby Apple Tree. The dryad stuck her head out of the trunk and took a deep breath of fresh air. “It’s time. Everyone wake up!”
The buds on the apple tree began to shed their fuzzy coating, the Snowdrops scattered in the grass at the tree’s roots burst into bright white flowers. The Snowdrop fairy tidied the petals and then dropped to the ground to check on her sister, the Camellia Fairy who was having trouble persuading the flowers to open on her bush.

As the sun rose, the camellia blooms popped open. From a…

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