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Dan Holloway explains the Indie Publishing world… in a poem.

dan holloway

A write-up of a truly wonderful event, IndieRecon, the Indie Author Fair, and the Indie fringe at London Book Fair will follow. Here, I will just say an enormous thank you to Orna Ross at the Alliance of Independent Authors who does such incredible work and despite the organisations expanding profile continues to let an obscure little poet take a place. And to the ridiculously talented and lovely Rohan Quine for letting me share a stage with him on the vital topic of literary fiction in self-publishing. For now, this is just the transcript of the poem I gave as people have been asking for the words.

I asked a simple question – why should self-publishing protect and promote the full range of diverse voices in writing?


Because every day a little girl, let’s call her Sarah,

Hears the world condensed into words

And falls in love with a…

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