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The two faces of the UK today…

Well that was an interesting day.

Everyone who reads my blog knows how I voted. And the result was an eyeopener. I never realised quite how many “shy tories” there were in this country.

I’m not going to have a go at them. They’re entitled to their opinions and it was their opinion that won the day for the Conservatives. From what I have read, their own leader used fear tactics to make them vote for him – painting a picture of what a Labour / SNP coalition would be like for them to “suffer”.

But I have no hate for these people. I pity them, because they allowed themselves to be scared. Scared of change.

The two faces I speak of? One face is happy and victorious – the Conservative party and their majority government.

The other face is disappointed, unhappy and resigned. This is the face of the rest of the country that didn’t vote Conservative. We are resigned to the fact that we have 5 more years of austerity, of welfare cuts and privatisation. We are resigned to the fact that despite the number of people not voting Conservative being more than the number who did, yet again our views will be ignored.

This isn’t the face of democracy and to be honest (and this is my own opinion) I would rather have a feudal monarchy right now, than what we have – there wouldn’t be a great deal of difference. Our Queen is a wonderful, kind lady and I am sure that she wouldn’t take advantage of the situation.

The fear in this country now is that things are going to get worse for those people at the bottom while those at the top just get richer. Unless you have been on the bottom rung, you don’t know what it is like and many of those who voted Tory have absolutely no idea what it is like to look into your cupboards and wonder if you’ll have enough money to buy your kids food this week.

But this post is going to be my last word on the subject.


On a brighter note, I’m now working on getting a children’s picture book out into the world. This one is for the youngest of my readers and features the artwork of Amy Winfield (A.C. Winfield) which is so bright that it can’t fail to cheer people up!

Watch out for your washing when this fella is around...
Watch out for your washing when this fella is around…

So keep an eye open for the announcement…