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Not London Book Week ~ reflections on the book industry (part one)

Its been a while since I set foot in a real bookshop. I browse Amazon almost daily (and save things to my wishlist or the “save for later” list) but I haven’t bought a book in a proper book shop since…last august, when I wandered into Waterstones in Cardiff.
Well for a start, print books are currently a luxury and I only buy the print books of a handful of authors – some of which are independent, and thus won’t appear in a bookshop.
Secondly, books for my children come first at the moment. I have one proper book to buy and I will be preordering it from a very particular site because buying it from that site is as important as the actual book…

Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense. I’m an author – not everything I write has to make sense…

Anyhoo… Viv has hit the nail on the head with this one… go read.

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

Not London Book Week ~ reflections on the book industry (part one)

I didn’t go to London Book Week.

I didn’t go to the Indie Fringe event, either, though I made half-hearted plans to go and meet friends. I wavered so long I missed the window of opportunity to get cheaper rail tickets that might have made the whole thing a little less harsh on the wallet. Then, on April Fool’s Day (of course) I yawned, stretched and forthwith popped my shoulder out. It popped back in again, leaving me with enough pain to warrant the Big Guns of pain control that mean I don’t dare leave the house for fear of wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic, or of seeing giant scorpions in alleyways. If I stay home when I take them, I can at least ask family if what I am seeing is real and if it is, I…

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