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Free Stuff to Read – a New Bartender Episode…

Yup, I’ve got a new episode of “Confessions of an Unintentional Bartender” for you to read.

You’ve never heard of the Bartender? *sighs* Well I suppose I ought to point you in the right direction to discover her…

She’s a gentle soul who really just wants to be left to her own devices. However wherever she goes, she always gets cornered by someone who needs to talk. Sometimes she can help them, sometimes she just listens.

The Bartender utilises my blog to clear her mind of the more troubling cases that she comes across. These are the ones that she can’t stop thinking about and that make her feel like she should do something.
She has done something though; by listening nonjudgmentally to those who talk to her, she has allowed those people to unburden their minds and free themselves of the poison that bad feelings can create.

It was Mental Health Awareness Week last week and I felt that the Bartender’s stories fitted the theme rather well ; hence why I’ve blogged about the latest one.

Having suffered from various forms of Depression myself, I know how hard it can be to unburden yourself to a friend. It’s an awful lot easier to talk to a stranger, yet there aren’t enough therapists available on the NHS.
I’m not going to get political (I’ve sworn off politics at the moment – it’s too sickening) but without a friendly non judgemental ear to listen to us, those with Depression and other Mental Health Problems can get quite ill without being noticed.

So I hope the NHS gets the money it needs to deal with the problem.