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Unnatural motherhood? There’s more than one way to be a parent.

Can I admit this now? Is it Allowable?

I’m not a natural mother either… not sure if I’m Artemis or Athena (probably the former if I am anything) but I love my children to bits and wouldn’t change them for the world…

… just don’t assume that I like babies!

Jane Alexander

IMG_20121021_0014Let me confess. Before I had James I had never bathed a baby. I had never fed a baby. I had certainly never changed a baby. I had held one once (arms rigid, fixed rictus of a smile painted on my face) but it cried so I gave it back – very quickly. I’m almost proud of my achievement in a perverse way. After all it takes some ingenuity to avoid babies quite so effectively for over thirty years – especially given my sister had five of them, and most of my friends are parents. Frankly when I listened to friends talk about their raging hormones, about having to have a baby, I was bemused. Somewhere along the line I was missing the baby urge gene. I just wasn’t genetically wired to be a mother.

Then I fell pregnant. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment I sat on…

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