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Not waving, not drowning: Treading Water

I often wonder, is anybody reading what I write? Should I bother with a blog or just give up? Is it just my self doubt and paranoia talking to me?
I’m glad that it isn’t just me feeling these things; I’m not the only one. That’s why I read Vivienne’s blog and why I repost from there.
Thank you, Viv!

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

Treading water

I missed posting anything last week. I wonder how many people noticed. That’s not a bleat for attention, by the way, but a genuine musing on a question that has been bugging me. How much difference does it make whether I post a weekly blog or not? As in the whole spectrum of differences: to me, to you, to my books, to the whole world. I had a couple of poems in the drafts folder but I didn’t want to post them; the time didn’t seem right. I’d had a run-in with vast self-doubt some weeks before when a friend had been asking for submissions for a new poetry website he was starting. I’d sent in a handful, and immediately regretted it. Not because they weren’t good poems, or that it wasn’t a good website. I admire the chap running it and I like his poetry. But what…

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