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A Letter to the Secretary of State

This pretty much sums up the struggle that a lot of schools are facing. Of course, I’m just an out of work teacher, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my profession or my colleagues.

I really hope that Ms. Morgan sees the light and takes up that offer of a Latte!

Essex Calling

Dear @nickymorgan01

I sit here contemplating whether writing this is a good idea/a waste of time/a drop in the ocean. I am the Principal of a school where the governors decided to take the option to become an academy and then an academy sponsor. We officially decided to work in partnership (I use these words deliberately rather than ‘take over’ ‘run’ etc) with our two nearest primary schools that had just been deemed to be ‘Special Measures’ (SM) and ‘Requires Improvement’ (RI). One of those two schools was inspected last month and moved to RI with some ‘Good’ at the first time of asking. We all worked hard to achieve that by evolution not revolution (no sacked heads just supporting through extra resources, coaching and teamwork; with the odd challenging question in both directions). We focussed on the needs of the young people, the quality of the staff and tried…

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