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Dear Pixar: Inside Out and Papercut Deaths

hmmm – this is going to be interesting. My Son (who has ASD) was called a “Downy” by a classmate. He interpreted it as being called “stupid” and went after the other kid with his fists.

When he told me, I saw red – not just because he’d been fighting, not just because he felt he’d been called stupid, but because the other kid’s use of “Downy” as an insult is an insult to EVERY SINGLE CHILD WITH DOWNS SYNDROME.
I spelt my feelings out to to the school in no uncertain terms and the other child (who has had a history of such things) was taken out of school.

I’ll have to consider carefully if I will be putting my money into Pixar’s pocket…

Kimchi Latkes

***HEY, YO. There are some spoilers in here. Just sayin’.***

Dear Pixar,

I like you. A lot.

My early childhood was spent in stuffy computer labs, arguing about Oregon Trail. Somehow, we all knew that those five pixels were supposed to be a bear. I can still feel the suspense, watching that one pixel move towards the five pixels, wondering if we had successfully shot the bear and wouldn’t starve. I am that generation, who learned now to program games into a T-91 calculator (yeah, I was a math nerd) and still remembers Atari. Now, it seems like every kid has an iPad and video games give me the jitters with how realistic they look.

You, Pixar, were part of that change. I was 14 when Toy Story came out. You took the graphic animation game and went next level. I was still young enough that Toy Story actually made me feel badly about all…

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