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Ingenuity in the UK (Asylum Steampunk Festival)

It’s good to hear of Steampunk from the uncluttered-with-outfit-and-story-ideas mind of a local person… I love this view of Lincoln Asylum!

Scimitars and Scarves

Travelled to Lincoln last weekend to see a football match, and went early in order to sneak an hour at Bunty’s Tea Rooms on Steep Hill (purveyors of fine Earl Grey tea and dandelion and burdock cake – yes, that’s cake tasting of DANDELION AND BURDOCK POP!).

Parking in Lincoln is like sewing with a feather, so we crept around for twenty minutes looking for a space AND IT WAS LIKE ENTERING ANOTHER WORLD.

The loooong school holiday means I haven’t been aware anything much above playdates and Clarks shoe-shops, so had no idea that the Asylum Steampunk Festival was taking place almost on my doorstep (not on my doorstep – I live in a forgotten land, nothing is actually on my doorstep).

It was bloody wonderful. Never has so much tweed looked so fine. There was a man with a propeller on his back and a woman with antlers…

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2 thoughts on “Ingenuity in the UK (Asylum Steampunk Festival)”

  1. Hi Kira, many thanks for your kind words and the re-post. This was my first-ever post and I received such a good reaction I am thrilled! The Steampunk festival was really inspiring – I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing names and storylines for all the personalities I saw.
    By the way – your second name (Morgana) is the same second name as the lead character in my book (she is called Pia Morgana). I like to think this is a good omen for my blogging future… Jo

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