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Colour me bandwaggoned ~ the rise and rise of adult colouring books

I love colouring too – although I prefer to draw my own designs on postcards – it’s the perfect way to be creative while I’m searching for the words to continue a story…

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

Colour me bandwaggoned ~ the rise and rise of adult colouring books

You’d have to have been living under a rock or in a cave (mmmm…caves…) to have missed the latest phenomenon in stress relief: colouring books for adults. At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I was into it a few years before it started becoming big. During the last proper summer school when I was TEFL’ing, I inherited a class of mixed nationality teenagers from another teacher. The class has already had three weeks of teaching and travel and activities and were all tired, jaded and probably about ready to go home. I struggled on for the first four days of the week, forcing them to work, and on the last day, I knew I was on a hiding to nothing. I prepared a lesson, but as I was doing that, I spotted a book lying in…

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