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Authonomy taught me a lot about myself and a whole lot more about writing… it also showed me my greatest weakness – procrastination!

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A few weeks ago,  the writer’s site Authonomy.com announced that it will be closing its cyber doors. I was a member there for nearly six years and met some amazing writers in that time. It was a great place to connect with the like-minded for critique and friendship and I’m hoping we find a way to keep our community together in some meaningful way in the future.

In the meantime, I want to highlight some of Authonomy’s success stories, with the understanding that we all define success differently. These people have taken what they learned on the site and created something tangible in the real world. There’s no way to mention everyone, so consider this a sampling of the many gems the site was able to uncover.

Most Likely to Succeed

John Booth – “Authonomy was a major part of my writer’s journey. It was the place where I found…

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