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Feedback? How dare you…

How to deal with feedback of the literary variety… from one of my favourite authors!

Bottle of Red

If you’ve ever looked at the ForbesInc, or Fast Company websites you’ll have seen that feedback is a popular topic. Usually articles on feedback answer the same question: How do you give someone negative feedback? Do you slip it between two warm buttered slices of positive feedback? Maybe that worked once upon a time, but I think we’re all sick of choking down feedback sandwiches.

So this week on Bottle of Red, we’re taking a different approach.

Urban fantasy author Justin Lee Anderson, whose first novel Carpet Diem was released last year, joins me to talk about ‘receiving feedback’. Who do you ask for feedback? Who do you listen to? What do you do when you receive unsolicited feedback?

And what do you do when you’re told that what you’re doing is… well… kinda crappy?

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