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Knob’s Hole By Mark E. Deloy

This is a wonderfully creepy tale…

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“I’m tellin’ ya, there ain’t no bottom to it,” Henry Knob said, peering down the hole into the darkness.

“That’s impossible,” Dave said.

“I’ve dropped rocks, a busted computer monitor, even that old refrigerator down there. Ain’t none of them ever hit bottom, at least not that I heard.”

Dave leaned over the opening which was about the size of a small car itself.  Grass grew high along the edges and dirt spilled into the blackness making him wonder if they were in any danger, standing so close to the edge.  If this was a sinkhole, they could be swallowed up at any moment.

“How did you find it?” Dave asked.

“I was driving my tractor out to the other side of my property and my back wheel got stuck.  I gunned the engine, and it was a good thing I did because the ground had opened up.  Far as…

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