Random thoughts and ramblings

I wrote a little story this morning…

It’s amazing what you can do when it’s quiet. The last time I got this amount of peace, I ended up with a story in an anthology!

Well this morning, everyone else is asleep still… Touches the nearest wood… and I wrote this!!

Hope you enjoy it…

Dinner Time?

“What’s that thing?”
“Well you know our food tends to turn up in cans…?”
“And your nails are too soft to cut the metal,”
“And I managed to shatter a tooth on one the other day…”
“Would you get to the point?”
“Well I bought this from the Human shop the other day.”
“Bought it? You mean you exchanged gold for that contraption?”
“Please tell me it didn’t cost much.”
“Hardly anything… the Human even gave me coins back, look!”
“Copper and silver? I blame your father, he was never all that interested in keeping his gold. Said that there were more interesting things down the Dwarf Mines and look where that got him.”
“Mum, listen!”
“Well hurry up and tell me what that thing is then!”
“Humans use it to open food in cans. Look I’ll show you in a minute, I spotted another meal on the way here.”
“mmm, yes, I could do with a snack.”

“Stand ye forth and face the might of Sir Bartleby!”
“Good. Food’s here, Mum!”
“Are you going to cook it or eat it raw?”
“Face the might of Sir Bartleby!”
“What do you fancy? Lightly roasted?”
“Well, that means getting it out of the cans.”
“Hey, I’m down here you know; are you going to attack and be killed?”
“He’s a feisty one. Maybe he’d be better roasted, he’s bound to be a little spicy. Look he’s gone all red.”
“Stop talking about me and attack me!!”

“That gadget of yours is a godsend.”
“Mm, I know.”
“Shall we go hunting? We could ambush them as they come out of that stone cave.”
“Nah, I’m stuffed. We could go later.”
“Fair enough. I’ll put this somewhere safe. Wouldn’t want to lose it.”
“Good idea. I’m going to have a nap.”
“And leave me to clean this mess up? Don’t you dare, m’lad.”
“All right, Mum.”
“Make sure you put the tins in the recycling. Got to be seen to be doing our bit for the environment.”
“Yes, Mum.”