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I am Broken.

I am broken.
I no longer see where I can go, what I can do.
My heart is torn between leaving the world and remaining to see my Children grow up.
That which sustained me once, does not any longer.
My only solace is in words, yet they escape my grasp like sand through the fingers.
The world stresses my soul as if it were a rubber sheet stretched too thin.
I have not a hope in this world of relieving my ills.
Doctors tell me they are imaginary,
yet I feel their presence with senses made weary by feeling too much.
Should I struggle on longer or should I give in?
I am Broken.
I research in the hope I will find a cure.
I tick boxes and read medical articles.
I see them in others and tell them; they are believed and find help.
I am told I am paranoid.
My heart rebels; it does not want this,
My soul cries; it cannot stand the censure,
My body gives in; it cannot take the pain any more.
Autism; Misophonia; Depression; General Anxiety Disorder; Asexuality,
No cure, but death.
I am Broken.

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