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Please don’t download from this site!

My first story collection... a gentle introduction to my mind.
My first story collection… a gentle introduction to my mind.

It has come to my attention that one of my books – “The Necklace of Harmony: A short story collection” – has been posted on the Free E books (dot) net site (I’m not linking to it for obvious reasons). I’m not saying that it’s a pirate site itself (I prefer calling them parasites) but it seems to be a site that gives out links to content that has been “acquired” through dubious means.

I’d like to point out that this copy of “Necklace” has been put up there without my permission. I understand that some people have very little money to spend on luxuries (I know the feeling –  I haven’t got a great deal of it myself), so they look for ways to get what they want without having to pay for it.

Everyone loves a freebie… right?

This is where my objection to sites like this come in.

Sites like this are often used to grab personal data or piggy back a virus with the file data. That means they are using MY hard work to  ruin someone else’s day somehow. I know from past experience that it is impossible to get the sites to take these copies down, so I don’t usually do much about it.

However in this case I am asking everyone who usually uses parasite sites  to think about what they are doing before they hit the download button:

Are you sure that the site you are on is safe?
Are you certain that the file you want to download is clean?
Are you completely and utterly, definitely convinced that you will hurt no one by completing this download?

There is the viewpoint that no file on the internet is safe, but at least by downloading files from known safe sites, you have a way of ensuring that your personal information and devices stay safer than they would when downloading from a parasite.

So if you REALLY want a free copy of “The Necklace of Harmony: A Short Story Collection” pop through this link:


…and use this coupon code at the checkout:  AT68A

…and pick yourself up a copy from me. 

At least this way, I know that you’ll be getting the right file and it will be virus free… but this offer only lasts until the end of the year – so take advantage while you can.