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Finally Knowing Me: An Autistic Life

04-2016-12-11-09-12-11As I mentioned in the first post of this blog, my ability to engage fully in discussion might be rather limited at the moment. It is true that I can sometimes write reasonably comprehensible prose, and sometimes the translation mechanism in my head, which converts the thoughts to words and words to thoughts, runs smoothly and efficiently. But sometimes it does not.

After I posted yesterday I received quite a few messages and comments on Facebook, some of which I wanted to answer fully and compassionately, some of which I wanted to scream “Yes yes yes” to, some of which were beautiful and eloquent and touching, some of which I wanted to challenge quite heavily, and some of which I found really really amusing – one in particular, for a very particular reason, which will be discussed on this blog in due course.

Some of these communications are lengthy and…

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