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Trigger Warning – War and Politics ahead…. and I’m not apologising for what I am about to say.

Recently, because of various things, including my Autism enhanced emotions, I have been avoiding any news other than what I had come across in my facebook feed.
Before you have a go at me and say that I am wrong for doing this – I’m not unaware of the situation that the world is in and I’m certainly not doing this selfishly – currently I am the only adult capable of rational thought in the house and having a full blown meltdown would not help my family at all.
Let me remind you for a moment the make up of my family. TOH is Aspergers & has a spinal problem that is making him physically disabled. NOS is 16, in the middle of his exams and Aspergers/Dyslexic. PT is  Aspergers & 11… and finally there is PW who is nearly 3.

I regard Channel 4 news (UK) as one of the more reliable news media – they don’t pull punches and tend to be less politically biased than most. Today I saw (in my newsfeed) a video from their Facebook page.  I knew it would make me cry –  the first picture is of a dust and blood covered toddler – but I also knew that I had to watch it.

This is the video I am talking about – and yes, the trigger warning is for this video; it’s not possible to watch it and not feel anything…

I was in floods. I wanted to gather in all those children and bring them to safety. I wanted to storm up to Putin and Assad and slap some sense into their masochistic, greedy, violent, bigoted heads… they’re not making war on this place because of the innocents that live there, they’re doing it because of POLITICS and MONEY. They don’t care how many children they kill or orphan, how many mothers they make mourn…  they just want the land that contains the oil.

I now understand why the Green Party have a policy against weapons. They just cause pain and heartache to everyone. But our world is still too barbaric to embrace such a forward thinking, peaceful thought as making War the crime it actually is. My own reaction above is proof of this – I am a peace loving person. I talk through conflicts and problems and try very hard to not let my inherited violent instincts make me do things… yet if I were trapped in the middle of a war like the people of Aleppo, I too would fight to preserve the lives of my children.

Politicians (for the most part ) are more interested in power and wealth than helping the people that vote them in. Those who start out wanting to help people, get corrupted or burnout from fighting the system they are trying to change.

Those who welcome and embrace the culture that politics has end up wealthy  and powerful. Of course, they don’t want that to end, so they keep it going.  And things like Aleppo will continue to happen because they make money for the people who make the weapons, the politicians and a myriad of other people who have grown bloated and immense on the profit associated with War.

Does this not ring warning bells for anyone with any sense?

The only way it will change is if the society of the world wants it to change… and because that society is dominated by the powerful and wealthy, nothing will change – they will fight against anything that threatens the way of life they have, as hard as a normal mother would fight to save the lives of their children.

I have to live in this world. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. I will do as much as I am capable of to change it…  Vote for change, give anything I can afford to the charities that are trying to help people caught up in the nastiness, use my words in an effort to reach other people.

Yes, it’s Armchair Activism, but other than physically going places, I can’t see anything else I can do.

And the words I would like to use? How about these to start with?

The Only Thing That Matters

I see a child lying there,
She’s sleeping without a care,
I see her mother crying,
Her youngest son is dying.
Third world – No world,
Everyone can see,
That the only thing that matters,
Is that everyone is free.

I see a man in the park,
Lying on a bench in the dark,
I see a rich man walking by,
He won’t see the poor man die.
Rich world – Poor world,
Everyone can see,
That the only thing that matters,
Is that everyone is free.

I see a vision of tomorrow,
It’s filled with so much sorrow,
I see a vision of yesterday,
It’s just as bad as today.
Old world – New world,
It’s all just the same,
The only thing that matters,
Is that everyone’s to blame.

Taken from “The Book of Dreams” by Mandy Ward

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  1. Can only agree with you. The world is very very dark at the moment. Thank you for being another person who cares and sees it all for what it is (greed).

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