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Multimedia Me…

Vlogging seems to be a huge thing at the moment – my son doesn’t watch TV, he watches Youtube (specifically a bloke called Noble) and I don’t think it will be that long before he attempts a video himself.

Facebook is full of Artists, Authors, Musicians and others that adore using the FB Live function.  I appreciate that it’s a great way of connecting with your fans. The thought of actually doing it however, is terrifying for me!

I’ve toyed with multimedia things before – I have a Soundcloud Profile where you can listen to me read Pika the Phluph and The Gribblebid Tough”  and an experimental advert for “The Tower and The Eye” .

I also have a Youtube Channel where you can see the Book Trailers for “The Land Far Away” ,  “The Tower and The Eye”  and “Hearts and Other Dead Things”  – the first two being trailers for my books and the third being an anthology that I have a story in.
You can also marvel at my awful taste in music… *grins*...  because I like to collect music that helps me write, but it’s not always what most people think of as good music!

So here I am, caught between my fear of looking stupid on Video and missing out on the people who like a more visual way of connecting with me.

I just spent half an hour looking into how Youtube works, it was eye-opening and disturbing. It also reinforced the feeling that I SHOULD be doing videos. Which in turn makes me feel more scared of doing it!

What do you think?
Should Authors embrace the Youtube / Visual side of marketing or should they ignore it?

Comment below if you want to discuss this question….