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A New Place…

I’m forever thinking and writing the thoughts down. Most of these words never see the light of day. Sometimes they’re thrown into the melee that is Facebook. They’re often random and odd thoughts.

In fact these things are the reason I have the category “Random Thoughts and Ramblings” on the blog because when I let the thoughts free on here, I never know what subject they’re going to be.

Now I have a new place for my Randomness… Medium.

I often read various articles on there and wonder at the eloquence of the writers. It can be an intimidating place sometimes – so many stunning writers who seem to toss out brilliant articles that get snapped up by various media to use as content.

I’ve spent hours reading and wondering if I could join in… then I realised, of course I could. The people I read on there are just writers like me and they have the same doubts and problems with their work that I do.

So I did.

This is my profile – – if you fancy keeping an eye on what I’m writing over there.