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What’s the Point – Take 2

I wrote a post on the 17th January that was Part Rant, Part Whine… and was written without the aid of Wine of any type – staying sober is essential for me when I’m writing or it never comes out sounding right.

This is the post – feel free to refresh yourself:

I’ve spent the last month or so thinking hard about my future in Writing.

My family has just increased by one – SB was born on 24th January, a week before his planned due date – and the usual hormonal surges, combined with needing to evaluate where I am going in my personal life and working life, brought me to certain conclusions.

I’ve given myself until SB is in full time school to sort out my Writing Life. I have a whole stack of finished books that I need to get out and into the virtual shelves. I have a series to rewrite and republish and I have no doubt that there will be new stories to write in that time.

I also have to think about the finances of my family and unfortunately (unless I hit the JKR Lottery Prize) I will never make enough money from Writing to be able to pay the bills. So I have to look at what I am going to do to bring money into the house.
Of all my skills, Teaching is the most useful, so in the next few years I need to update my skills, learn to drive (yes, I still haven’t managed that) and get more Teaching experience; probably through supply work. Maybe at the end of that I’ll go back into Secondary Teaching or (more likely) I’ll go into Adult Education / workshops.

So my conclusion to the last post is this:

I will never stop Writing – it’s a part of who I am. It’s the Publishing side of things that may stop.