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Father’s Day Thoughts with Snow – Fall Quietly by Linnie Buhman

A poem from one of my favourite poets (and a good friend), long with my thoughts about Father’s Day…

How to bring up a Neuro-Divergent Family without going crazy...

Snow – Fall Quietly
Reach down deep in your pocket
And drop a handful of softness
To brighten up the night.
Pull all the down from all the geese
Making sure they are the purest white;
But do it quietly!
’cause my baby sleeps tonight!
How will I explain such beauty?
Please tell me how I do?
As long as the snow falls quietly,
This night I may not have to.
Tomorrow is another day-
For a child filled with questions
And a parent filled with 10 times more,
But tonight there are no answers
Just a quiet peace from Gods
Blanket at the door.
Snow – fall quietly
We both need your quiet stillness
Envelope us in peace;
For tomorrow I may need answers,
But tonight my baby sleeps.

* * *

Today is Father’s Day.
It’s as difficult subject to talk about as Mother’s Day, because for every…

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