Random thoughts and ramblings

Monday Morning Procrastination…

I spent a while this morning drawing and colouring…. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted the Author & Muse Stories strip for last week yet.

Well, there isn’t any excuse for the tardiness -I had a lazy weekend. I did no writing or drawing or studying or housework.
Just me time.
Very relaxing….
Sadly, that means I forgot to upload and schedule the A&M strip for Saturday!

*Shock, Horror, oh the humanity… yadda yadda yadda….*

So today I have been catching up with that, putting together a new page for the website and being generally productive on everything but my writing!

The new page is called “The World of The Teigr Princess” (cast your eye over the new layout of menu above…) and essentially is a map to where you can find me on the internet.

You’ll notice that the page is headed with this picture; I had a lot of fun drawing and painting this one…

The World of The Teigr Princess

Looks like it might be a fun place to visit….