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Author & Muse: Muses (Part One)

Some days it’s hard to get started…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much – this is A&M #5 and as I was checking the dates on my files, I realised that I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a whole week!

The main reason for this is that I have become really excited and interested in my Art Class Project. That actually started out as being Author & Muse, but morphed over time – I get bored and distracted easily (that’s why I have so many muses) and between Puff, Salvador and Stardust, my Art Project has become a children’s lift-the-flap book.

Sadly, there will only ever be one copy of it because I can’t afford to get a proper Printer / Publisher to make them to sell. However, once it’s into the final construction stage, I’ll put up a video of the pages at the very least… I might even do a narrated version of it, just for fun!

So when I start talking about the Snore-a-saurus, you’ll know what I am talking about….