Random thoughts and ramblings

9 years of Blogging…

I opened up my PC this morning with the intention of using my ridiculously early start – SB got me up at 4.30, had some milk and promptly fell asleep again – and decided to be proactive.

I started working on the very first Children’s Rhyming Story I EVER wrote for my kids; “Where Are My Socks?” and realised that I hadn’t touched the MS for 5 years.

Where does the time go?

Anyhoo, I started updating things on it and when it came to changing the website in the bio, opened up WordPress, only to find that it’s my Site’s 9th Birthday.
Another shock was when I looked at the current post and found that I hadn’t posted anything since November 2019… three months ago!

I swear that time is moving faster and faster these days,

I haven’t published anything for ages either. Oh I’ve written dribs and drabs, drawn a whole load of things and been active on social media- I just haven’t had the energy or headspace to actually publish anything!

I’ve also had that conversation that every writer has with themselves – the “Should I give up on this entirely?” one – but somehow I’ve always been able to persuade myself to just carry on as is, just working on one thing at a time and trying my best to ignore Blerg as he sits on my shoulder telling me that I ought to give up on it…

But on days like this, when it’s just me and my thoughts, it seems all so doable…