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Writing, of all kinds…

You do remember what I do, don’t you?

Other than eat chocolate, drink G&T and try to ignore the kids while I am trying my hardest to actually work…

Well, what do you know, it turns out there are more kinds of writing than just novel and poetry!

Yes, I know… shocking isn’t it…

I have a friend reading one of my books in the editing pile. It happens to be the one that I was trying to write as a police procedural which morphed into a SF Fantasy. My friend doesn’t usually read that kind of story – I was quick to reassure her of the change…. but she said it would make a great screenplay.

Screenplays are one of the forms of writing that I haven’t played with. I’ve done poetry, flash fiction, drabbles, essays, novels, short stories, novellas, plays… but not screenplay. I’ve thought about it and I may well try it, but to me, it feels incomplete – the three plays I have written (none were performed by the way) were during my pre-apprenticeship in my teenage days.

I’m currently studying Cartoon illustration / Writing.
If you were paying attention you’d know that I did this a while back (about 3 years ago now) when I was doing that art course – the results are through the link below if you’re interested.


That time I worked from dialogue only stories that I had written as posts on Facebook, so they were more about the layout / art styles than the stories.

This time I am doing cartoons using screenshots from a game I play. Lemmings is a puzzle game on Mobile, but I played it when I was a teenager on an Amiga attached to a TV (yup, I’m that old…) and I was playing the game one day and thought… Can I make a story out of these?

As normal, it doesn’t take me much pushing to work on a new idea and “Lemmings. Saga of Dave” was born. The first comic has one page and was much more just me taking a plethora of screenshots, arranging them so they made some kind of sense and then adding dialogue.

Lemmings is an Exient Game. This is my Fan Art.

The Lemmings game community received it well, and it was fun to do… so I came up with another one…. even though this time I was trying to actually design / write it properly and that and some memes. Dave the Lemm is oddly sarcastic and pessimistic, but fun to play with.

So I am going to create a page to put the Lemmings fun on. I hope everyone enjoys them. It will be accessed through the Mandy E. Ward page. Go visit the page or Dave will get lonely…

I might play with Interactive Novels as well – the thought of being able to play with the readers a little is intriguing. So watch this space….