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Science Fiction Coming to life?

No, I didn’t watch the livestream….

Some people are declaring the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic companies space race as advances for the Human Race. I don’t deny that the companies are creating large amounts of money on Earth in wherever they are spending it economies. Yes, it’s adding to Science understanding – I’m not disputing that. Anything adding to the understanding of the World we live in is good.

But is a space race the best way to spend money on the Human Race?

Why hasn’t a billionaire come out and completely funded Cancer cure research? Why hasn’t one decided to end World Hunger or work out how to Fix the Climate Crisis?

This is my theory / opinion. You may comment on it, but keep the comments civil.

My theory is this:

They don’t want to. It doesn’t make them any money or give them personal reputations as Daredevils. It doesn’t give them (column) inches in Newspapers or Clicks on the Interwebs.

Anything that would possibly help the poor, sick and hardworking masses of the world isn’t of use to them, because they don’t want to take money away from their bank accounts, to fix long term things that actually gives them money in the short term.

No. They would rather play at being an astronaut, than find the cure for Cancer and save those who are suffering.

The Science Fiction I want to see coming true is the Utopian type that helps people, the Food Replicators, the non invasive medical technology, the turning back of Climate damage… for a start.

Maybe I am naïve in that sense, but why have all that money in the bank when you can’t take it with you in Death? Why not fix things before you die and have a place in Human History after you die, instead of hoarding all that wealth and not using it for anything more than what amounts to joyrides for the Wealthy?