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Want Something to read? Visit my Wattpad!

I’m working on all sorts of stuff at the moment. There’s “Daemon’s Will, “Alethdar’s Daughter”, “Where Are My Socks?”, “The Dribble-O-Saur”….

But one of the oldest of my WIP’s is “Pure Shores”. Part One is up on the site, but I continued the story far beyond where it finishes on here.

I’ve been publishing the sections as they’re finished on Wattpad – if you feel like reading it, then feel free to pop over and take a look; I’m not charging for anyone to read it!

The plan is, once it’s finished, to publish it as an e-book. It’s a Terrene Empire story and there will be more of them!

There are a couple of other things there as well if you feel like exploring what I’ve put up… poetry etc. They’ve not been read for a while and are feeling a little lonely…

Here’s the link you need –