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The Dragon’s Pendant is Live in 10 days!

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It’s been a few years in the making, but here it is, the second book of The Secret of Arking Down.

The first book revealed one set of secrets about Arkingham and the Lord of The Grange. It took us beyond the world that we know, to that of the Hall of Worlds and the myriad of versions of Earth Nexus.

Available in all good E-Book retailers…

The second book covers only one world. This time, it’s the turn of Caoimhe, Jenni’s best friend, to discover more about herself and her family. In doing so she discovers more about Arkingham and the threats that Jenni uncovered.

So, will you join me in the world of Arking Down once more? Shall we adventure forth and discover what secrets Caoimhe unearths?

To join in the pre-order on Amazon, you just need to click through the link below –


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There will be other retailers available after the book goes live, the ones at the other end of the link are just the ones that do pre-order

Now I have to go and finish editing and formatting or The Dragon’s Pendant won’t get uploaded in time and Amazon will ban me from doing pre-orders for a year!