Random thoughts and ramblings

Christmas 2022

This year has been… rough. 

The good stuff? Was good. Published a few books, started a new college course, went to choir regularly.

There wasn’t much bad stuff. For a change. What made it rough was, is… my mind.

I haven’t been able to get out of this deep well of meh/blagh at all. I find myself at the rim of the well frequently, trying my hardest to reach up and grab at anything, or anyone that can pull me out… only to not find anything and fall back down.

It’s exhausting.

I have been living from moment to moment all year. Constantly tired, constantly playing catchup. Feeling like everyone is running a few feet ahead of me, and I can’t seem to move that speed, even when I’m trying so hard.

I can’t even find the energy to hope that next year will be better.