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I’ve Been Deader interviews me…

...and I survive! Never let it be said that Zombies aren't nice people - well, they were before they died, so surely that carries through? Anyway, you can read Splinker's interview with me on his blog - I've Been Deader. ...and once you've finished that, if you're in a shambling frame of mind, trip on… Continue reading I’ve Been Deader interviews me…

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Writer Wednesday: LOTS of Reviews!

I'm catching up on my reading and reviewing list,  at the moment. So I thought I would dedicate this week's WW to all those books that I've read recently and haven't reviewed on here yet. We'll start with one that made me laugh out loud and read bits to my partner who got so fed… Continue reading Writer Wednesday: LOTS of Reviews!

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Friday Focus… International Zombie Day!

You may have noticed that Zombies are pretty much the hot trend at the moment and have been for about five years or so.  With everything going cannibalistic,  a few friends and I decided to create and celebrate International Zombie Day today. There have been a fair few zombie based movies around in that time,… Continue reading Friday Focus… International Zombie Day!