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I’ve Been Deader interviews me…

...and I survive! Never let it be said that Zombies aren't nice people - well, they were before they died, so surely that carries through? Anyway, you can read Splinker's interview with me on his blog - I've Been Deader. ...and once you've finished that, if you're in a shambling frame of mind, trip on… Continue reading I’ve Been Deader interviews me…

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Writer Wednesday: M Cid D’Angelo

In a world where black magic is real, Artemus Dark is a paranormal investigator without a gun confronting demons, sorcerers and ghosts in a barrage of cases that often – literally – are to die for. In Dark Running, Artemus searches for the murderer of his sorcerer-brother in a darkly-atmospheric New Orleans. Deluged with a… Continue reading Writer Wednesday: M Cid D’Angelo

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The World of the Teigr Princess Presents… Craig Saunders!

Announcer: Please put your hands together for the Royal Tigress herself, the Queen of the Jungle, The Teigr Princess! Audience cheer and applaud as the TP enters the stage, a white Tigress padding along at her side. TP: Thank you, Mr A. Well hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a good time this evening… Continue reading The World of the Teigr Princess Presents… Craig Saunders!