Writer Wednesday: Androidism by Paul Trembling

I like to pat myself on the back occasionally. I don’t know if you remember the webzine that I used to publish – “Welcome to Wherever” was the name of it – but I like to think that in the two years that I managed to keep it up and running (hard to do when it’s just you doing everything!) I may have inspired a writer or two, or set one of them off on the road to success…

Anyhoo… one of those writers is Paul Trembling. He’s been pretty prolific for a while now and I thought I’d highlight one of the stories on his website.

It’s a short, but sweet tale and I think you’ll like it!

So click through this link and once you’ve read Androidism , explore the rest of his site, there’s some pretty interesting stuff there!

Robert Craven Joins Blue Hour Publishing!

Just a quick note to welcome Robert Craven (no relation to the Children’s Newsreader) to the Blue Hour Publishing fold.

There are currently two books available –

Get Lenin

1941, Hitler unleashes Operation Barbarossa, taking the German forces to the outskirts of Moscow. Fearful of Lenin’s mausoleum falling into enemy hands, Stalin orders Lenin to be moved a thousand miles behind the Urals.

Caught up the web of intrigue is beautiful Allied spy Eva Molenaar. She uncovers a plot involving a Hollywood Mogul, Hitler’s propaganda machine and a Nazi spy ring to bring Lenin’s body out of Russia for a propaganda coup. In the hostile wilds of the Soviet Union she meets the German unit tasked with bringing Lenin out of the USSR and a race against the clock ensues….


In this assured and compelling sequel to ‘Get LENIN’, it is 1942, and the Allied intelligence team of Henry Chainbridge, Peter De Witte and Eva Molenaar are tasked by Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden personally with destroying a terrifying new weapon of mass destruction being developed jointly by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, using Chinese prisoners of war as guinea-pigs before giving it its first full test on the Russian Front.

The weapon, if effective could tilt the war in favor of Nazi Germany and have a wider impact on the outcome of the war. As ever, Eva is the sultry Polish-born spy putting her body on the line at the heart of the enemy, Chainbridge is the reserved master strategist who uncovers a monarchist plot and De Witte is the suave, blind intelligence gatherer in love with Eva Molenaar.

But does she still love him back or has she fallen for an enemy officer?

Find out more here – http://bluehourpublishing.blogspot.co.uk/p/robert-craven.html

The Blabbermouth Magazine Issue 1 – Wattpad


Issue One

Yes, Ladles and Jellyspoons, I’m back in the magazine business…

No, I’m not running it this time – so, no sending me stories or things to publish – I don’t have enough time to write my own stuff (the baby is taking all that up) let alone publish other peoples!

This time, I am but a lowly columnist, writing book reviews for the magazine to publish.

Feel free to pop over and read through. It’s only little at the moment, but I am sure that will soon improve. Enjoy!

The Blabbermouth Magazine Issue 1 – Wattpad.