Working my butt off…

…and not getting paid for it… is approximately what I do when I sit down at my PC.


You may have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet recently – that’s because not only am I looking for work, making jewellery, learning how to run brownies and looking after my family; I’m also studying Art & Design at a local college.

I now have another website for you to peruse…

It’s called TP’s World of Images –  it’s where I will be showcasing my Art & Design talents and any pictures that I happen to find that I like!

There isn’t much there at the moment and there will probably be a few weeks between posts (I am rather busy) but I hope that you’ll visit and follow me.

* * *

In other news, my webzine Welcome to Wherever  has turned One Year old today – if you pop over to it, there is lots to read and see. Please do leave a comment for the writers that contributed – there’s nothing like a piece of praise to make us creative types feel better about ourselves!

The WTW Quarterly E-Book will be published in the next week or so – I’m having more trouble with it than I thought and I haven’t managed to get as much done with it as I should have. So I have had to push the publication date back.

Thanks for following me – I know I’m not the most prolific of bloggers, but I hope that you’ve enjoyed my words in the past and will do in the future…



Some Facts from the Tiger Princess’ Life…

I have two cubs (as you may remember) one ten year old  male – NOS – and one six year old female – PT.

NOS on the Right, PT on the Left... just in case you can't tell them apart! (Photo 2010)

There they are… a right couple of mischief makers at the best of times… ahem. Anyway my cubs make life a joy and a hell, often on the same day!

This morning, it was hell.


Well, PT is going through this phase where she wakes up anywhere between two and four times a night with nightmares. O’course, TOH doesn’t wake up unless she gets past me and climbs into bed with us. And who has to wake up, wake PT up and  get her back to bed every time?

Yup, that’s right, Yours Truly.


Having caught PT once before going to bed last night,  I had to  get her back to bed twice more.  The last time was at 3.30 am (British Summertime) and I lay there, trying very hard to get to sleep again.

But I couldn’t.


Another fact you may have gathered in the course of my blogs is that TOH snores.  Its not too bad when he is on his side – he can be fairly quiet. Sadly, last night he insisted on sleeping on his back.  That’s when most people I know start suggesting these –

They don’t work though. I can ignore the noise, it’s the vibration that’s the problem… and not in a good way! So I tend to lie there awake and getting a headache. This morning, I decided enough was enough and got up.

At 4.oo am.

I wrapped myself up and disturbed the puddy tats on the way to my writing cubby.

My cats? Oh, well just in case you can’t remember them, they look like this:

Gizmo is the daft orange one and Cleo is the small whitish one...

They came and joined me in my cubby, Gizmo curling up on my feet, which was very welcome because I didn’t have any socks or slippers on and it was freezing this morning!

Now Writing is my life. I teach because I enjoy working with children, but I write because I not only have to (I’d go insane with all the characters shouting at me) but because I love it.

I love the stories that come out of my imagination, I love creating new worlds  and I love the fact that with today’s technology I can share my work with everyone quickly.

Which work did I decide to work on? Well Book Three of “The Tower and The Eye” Series actually.

There were some loose ends to tie up at the beginning and I needed to add a few more words to the opposite end. I also ended up thinking about my characters and the world they lived in, in preparation for writing Books Four & Five…

…a fact that is sure to delight my Editor, Diane Nelson of Pfoxmoor Publishing (as well as all four of my fans) as she is currently having fun wading through her slushpile – what can I say? The lady likes to read!

At 5.00 am, I caught PT in her fourth nightmare. By this time, I’d written 500 words on book 3 and decided it was time to have a coffee and watch the starlings squabbling over the peanuts in the feeder.

It wasn’t long after that (another thousand words or so) when NOS got up, gave me a Good Morning cuddle and demanded breakfast. I told him to get a drink and wait until his sister got up. That gained me another half an hour of peace… and another 250 words, which isn’t bad going before my second cup of coffee!

PT however is much noisier than her brother – her volume control hasn’t kicked in yet and she does everything at the top of her voice. The only way to make the atmosphere in the Den more comfortable, was to give them breakfast and escape to the shower.

I finally got to use my prize today. Which prize? Oh, I…co-won… (is that the right word?) a prize from Jane Alexander’s Blog about scent. It arrived the other day, a big square pink and gold box with a heavy white glass jar inside.

My Prize!

It’s got an odd consistency, nothing like my normal  body creams (I tend to use Body Butter) but it smells divine – I love roses –  and has left my skin so soft that I know I am going to want to buy this one when it runs out… not to mention a few other of their products!

 *slips a quid into the “Ila  Fund” Jar*  

Let’s see how the rest of the day pans out – I feel fairly happy and relaxed now…. can’t say how I’ll feel at the end of the week – it’s half term and I have the children home until next Tuesday!

>Spring in Rhoose.


We’ve had some beautiful weather recently – it makes it a little difficult to imagine the Volcano in Iceland, but I’m enjoying it all the more for that reason.

Walking the kids to and from school has been inspiring – I’ve written two poems in three days!

I thought you might like to see them.


Spring Sunshine

The humble fuzzy bumble bee,

Buzzing ‘round the flowering tree.

Sipping Nectar here and there,

Delivering pollen everywhere.

The elegant fluttering butterfly,

Hovers o’er flowers nearby,

Delicately tasting from each bloom,

Feeling no need to rush or zoom.

As the sunshine brings the sky to life,

Stop to look and forget your strife.

Remember peace is always near,

When you stop to look and hear.


Spring Colours

Green tipped brown,

Reaches to blue.

Gold smiles down,

At white peeping through.

Yellow and pink,

Compete for the eye.

Red wins the day,

Looking up at the sky.


I hope that you like them and they give you a sense of what I see when I wander about the village.

My Photography skills aren’t the best and I have an old digital camera that doesn’t get the fine detail properly, no matter what I do with Photoshop!

I love spring sunshine and sea air – the scent of the salt in the wind brings back memories of my childhood and relaxes me almost as much as sitting on the sea shore.

I wish I had a laptop so that I could find a warm sheltered spot in the sunshine and write outside. I’m sure that I would get a lot more done!

I hope that you’re enjoying spring where you are… what is it like for you?