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Author & Muse: Get Busy… and other News!

I don't just argue with my Muses... Here's #4 in the Author & Muse Stories - funny thing is, that this series started out (in concept) as being a "Brain & Body" series... except that I adore the Awkward Yeti and really didn't want to step on his toes! So I morphed it into being… Continue reading Author & Muse: Get Busy… and other News!

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Continuing Personal Development…

A while back I was feeling pretty unsuccessful.  I don't sell a lot of books and for some reason I equate the number of books that I do sell with my personal sense of achievement. That hasn't changed... I have. Since we moved to this town, I've been feeling very low and trying to write… Continue reading Continuing Personal Development…

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How do you make your writing unputdownable? How do you make readers fall in love with your characters or the world they are in? How do you make the reader want to spend time with the story you have written? In short, how do you make Readers want to read your books? As a writer,… Continue reading How??!!