Sunday Rambling on a Monday…

It’s a Bank Holiday.

Theoretically that means  in the UK, we have a day off work and more rest. Some people have BBQ’s, others go out on day trips…


Sadly, as far back as I can remember, Bank Holidays have never been much fun or restful.  When I was a kid, I’d spend the day doing the homework that had to be in the next day or going out on Fish Buying trips with my parents. As a Tweenager (10 – 13) I read most of the time or wrote *very* bad poetry… when I wasn’t avoiding my younger sister.

Getting old enough to work didn’t help – it just made it more normal to have a day off. And the activities never got any better until I went to Uni – living in the centre of Plymouth tended to improve my life a whole lot! *grins*

So fast forward to today.

We went and picked up NOS from Scout Camp. He’d managed to fall in the river yesterday and completely soak himself from head to foot. Brand new boots and all. Like Father, like Son…


He brought a good third of the river out with him! However, he’d had a good time and was very tired.  So most of the afternoon after we got home was fairly quiet.

PT on the other hand, started bouncing higher than usual. She was really quiet and sweet while her brother wasn’t in the house, but the moment he came home, off she went, demanding and noisier than ever.

* * *

It’s been one of those days where it’s hard to concentrate on any one thing. I haven’t been able to write properly, my jewellery designs for my Final Major Project have been useless and all I’ve been able to do since finishing putting the main section of the webzine up yesterday, and I still have an important article to do for it – but I haven’t been able to do anything!

*double sigh*

Wet, windy and a bank holiday – guaranteed to wipe out any creative urge I have…


Strangers on a Bus is the story of what happened when Robb’s romantic relationship broke up and he found himself on a bus from New York to Canada.
Originally written into several spiral bound notebooks during the journey, the story is heart-warming as well as soul-searching and combines Robb’s wacky sense of humour with the true life story of the journey.  This is very definitely an adult book with some very adult references… do not allow impressionable teenagers or younger to read it! If you do, be ready to answer some strange questions, things like –
“Mum, why does coffee keep you awake at night?”
or be bombarded with strangely believable semi-facts –
“Did you know a baby kangaroo can TKO a full grown alligator nine times out of ten, and eats twenty-five times its own body weight per day, and baby kangari have both sex organs until they are fully grown, then they decide which sex they’d like to be and the extra bits just fall off?”
You find yourself reading and re-reading. All the best human emotions are contained in Robb’s second book and he puts them across perfectly. I found myself laughing, tearing up and smiling through the tears as he and Gertrude make their way toward Canada.
I think that this one will be bigger than the first one was, so watch this space!
In the meantime, you can pick up his first book “Don’t Go There! A Robblogger look at Travel” at Amazon. It’s funny and well worth the money spent over and over again as you find yourself deciding not to go somewhere because Robb told you not to…
Strangers on a Bus –