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All Change!

Welcome to the new look "World of the Teigr Princess"! I got bored of the old look; it was dark and gloomy, not welcoming in any way. I also got bored of keeping everything separate; it takes such a lot of effort to keep more than one blog going and I am, essentially lazy -… Continue reading All Change!

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Science of Candy: Lightning in Your Mouth Activity | Exploratorium

One of my newest hobbies is making sweets. I've had some success with Cookie pops and Sugar Mice, so I was looking up Rock Candy with an eye to making it and teaching my kids about crystals... I came across this -  Science of Candy: Lightning in Your Mouth Activity | Exploratorium. We don't get… Continue reading Science of Candy: Lightning in Your Mouth Activity | Exploratorium

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Wool, Grapefruit and the World…

You do strange things when you’re pregnant. I just spent three quarters of an hour trying to section a red grapefruit because I was fed up of having to dig the sections out and leaving so much fruit behind… I guess I thought that sectioning it would be easier; peel the fruit, cut out the… Continue reading Wool, Grapefruit and the World…