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The end of a dry spell?

Over Christmas 2014, I was feeling quite down; partially because of the weather and partially because it didn't look like anyone liked my writing anymore. It set off a case of "Writer's Doldrums" and in keeping with tradition,  I self medicated with chocolate, wine and duvet days. Then came January 2015 and I resolved to… Continue reading The end of a dry spell?

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Can I please make a point about my blog?

There are other pages on this here blog you know. I know you probably only visit in order to read whatever delightful insight I've had most recently... or to spam me and try to get me to link to you so you can spam others... but please, while you're here, take a look around! There… Continue reading Can I please make a point about my blog?

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Christmas is on it’s way…

No matter how you celebrate the midwinter feast (there are so many different festivals and names for it) you have to admit that it's more fun than any of the other festivals during the year... ...Well, it is for me - you might prefer a summer festival to the winter ones... Anyway, I have more… Continue reading Christmas is on it’s way…