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welcometowherever | Where Writers, Poets, Artists and creative people can relax…

welcometowherever | Where Writers, Poets, Artists and creative people can relax…. Finally! I've got the latest edition of Welcome to Wherever up and ready for people to read! Come on over and check it out!!!

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Adventure awaits you… in Choose or Die!

Once upon a time (don’t all good stories start that way?), young adult readers of the mid-to-late 80s had far more power than they have now.  They had the power to determine the fates of the characters in the books they read.  I was one of those young readers. I revelled in the "Choose your… Continue reading Adventure awaits you… in Choose or Die!

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An Imaginative New Page!

Take a look at The Land Far Away Page for details on a new children's book from the imagination of myself and Maria K! Of course, my children had nothing to do with this one... not! If you know the story of Pika the Phluph, you'll know that Pika was dreamt up by my daughter.… Continue reading An Imaginative New Page!