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Writer Wednesday: Greta Van Der Rol

I know I've reviewed a lot of other writer's books before. I enjoy reading them, so why shouldn't I review them as well? Anyway, I was looking back through my archive and thought I would pick out a gem of a review to remind you of a great writer... and if you're new to my… Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Greta Van Der Rol

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Christmas Traditions

Midwinter is upon us once more. Longest day, Darkest night - the Oak King battles the Holly King to ensure the sun will come up tomorrow morning... The birth of the Son at the darkest hour of the year to ensure the continuation of light and hope. Funny how things all seem to link together.… Continue reading Christmas Traditions

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E-Books or Print books? You decide…

I am proud to be a member of the Pfoxmoor Publishing Family.   “The Tower and The Eye” Novella series was picked up by them early this year and hopefully the first book in the series will be published at the beginning of 2012 under their Pfoxchase Imprint.   …Yes, I know it’s a long… Continue reading E-Books or Print books? You decide…