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FAT. It’s a Fact of being HUMAN.

Fat is a particular type of cell in the human body. Some people have more of these cells than others. But everyone has them - even people who are so thin that you can see the shape of their skeleton through their skin. Fat cells are like balloons - they inflate and deflate according to… Continue reading FAT. It’s a Fact of being HUMAN.

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Politics: Why I feel that those at the top don’t care.

Warning - this is a long post.     It contains my opinions about BRITISH POLITICS.  NOT American Politics / the American Election. So if you aren't in the UK and aren't interested in what we do here, I'd move on and find something else to read. Should you be trying to avoid the UK Election,… Continue reading Politics: Why I feel that those at the top don’t care.

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Some thoughts about Guns…

TOH is playing Watchdogs. For the most part, he likes it because you can sneak around playing the game without hurting any of the civilian characters that are wandering around the city. There are puzzles and you can choose the way you play so that you become a Vigilante rather than Terrorist (the opposite end… Continue reading Some thoughts about Guns…