I’m getting irritated with Amazon…

I have a friend who is a writer. In fact I have several friends who are writers, but this particular friend is special.
He’s one of the few Indie writers that I will buy every book from, not just because he’s a friend, but because he writes exciting, intriguing, wonderful stories that always entertain and always have a different twist to them. I have collected every book so far and there hasn’t been a bad one amongst them!

…I’m aiming to buy them all in print as well…

If anyone ever asks me for a book recommendation, his is one of the names that I pull out, alongside Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen. Yes, he’s that good that I rank him with those masters of the written word.

Now,  I am also a writer… what do you mean you hadn’t noticed?… and I quite often write reviews of books that I have read and enjoyed, because I understand that the writer needs those reviews. I never say anything that I don’t mean, but also if I don’t get on with the book or don’t like it, I just don’t review it – if I know the writer through FB, I might contact them privately, especially if there’s typos or whatever – but I was always told to say nothing if you can’t say anything nice…

And before anyone complains that I haven’t written them a review yet, I have a massive TBR list at the moment – it’s the main reason that I don’t actually do book reviews…

So the writer I am talking about published a new book – I’d pre-ordered it and as soon as it appeared, I started reading. I couldn’t put it down  (My fiance got quite annoyed with me) and I enjoyed every minute of the story. I couldn’t wait to write a review (I’ll post a link at the end of the post, stop looking at me like that.) so as soon as I could I headed to amazon and posted my review.

And this is where the irritation with amazon comes in.

Yes I’m a writer, but when I read, I am wholly and fully a reader. I don’t buy any books that I don’t intend to read, and I always read without my writing head on

I feel a bit like this fella sometimes…

so if my writing head reappears while I am supposed to be reading, then I know something is wrong. It actually happened to me the other day while I was trying to read a book by a fairly well known author – it’s disconcerting and usually means I will put the book down and forget about finishing it.

Anyway. I read as a reader. I review as a reader. I see nothing wrong with reviewing another author’s books, even if I know them as a friend. Except that… amazon sees that as a bad thing – this is in the review guidelines:

What’s not allowed
Amazon is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions on products. While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

Promotional content:
• Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively
• Sentiments by or on behalf of a person, company or web site with a financial interest in the product or a directly competing product (including reviews by authors, artists, publishers, manufacturers, or third-party merchants selling the product)
• Reviews written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product
• Solicitations for helpful votes

Now, I understand that this supposed to stop people writing nasty reviews of other people’s books so that theirs looks better, but I never do that. I see that sort of thing as immoral and I wish that more people felt the same; clearly they don’t or there wouldn’t be such a rule.

Anyway, the upshot is that my review hasn’t appeared on the page with the book. Because I write books and compete for the same readers as my friend. There are enough readers out there to go round and I’m willing to share them.
Amazon doesn’t see it that way though.

So I am going to post my review below. It’s shorter than my usual ones:

5.0 out of 5 stars A return to a brilliant world by a superb author, 3 Feb. 2015
I didn’t think it was possible for Mr Booth to surpass the last Silver Magic book, but he has… the world is as bright and shadowed as ever, the Brother’s Grimm are still menacing yet entertaining and Glass has grown up a great deal, but still with that sweet edge to her sharp angles.

This book held me enthralled from the moment I started reading. I could see it playing out clearly in my mind, and it would make a superb TV series… if only the BBC had the budget to do it justice! I fully recommend this continuation of the Silver Magic world and will be picking up the rest of this series as soon as I can.

Go forth and enjoy his work!

*You may notice that my review has appeared on Amazon US… I have no idea why its on US but not on UK…

The 7-Writer Challenge

7-writers get to strut their stuff (The Seven Line Challenge)

The talented Mary Ann Bernal has tagged me into the 7-writers challenge…
Well, never let it be said that I shy away from a writing challenge!
This is your mission:

Go to line 7 on either page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines, then tag 7 people to keep the challenge going.

*This a short and savvy way to see what others out there in the blogosphere are writing.

* * *

Well here we go.  Here are my seven lines from my WIP – Book #3 of The Secret of Arking Down Series; The Second Door.
The Daemons from the Fire Realm are confronted by Hades, Lord of The Underworld…
* * *

“I have been sent by my Master to retrieve the Shield, Lord Hades.” Lady Deumara curtseyed. “These others are merely my bodyguards.”

Nex rolled her eyes. “She says that as if we weren’t able to hear.”

“Well that is why we were sent with her.” Morbus gave a tiny whimper as he looked up at the full daemon.

Lady Deumara absently patted him on the head and Morbus wagged his tail.

“Control yourself brother.” Nex growled softly. “You’re not a lap hound.”

* * *

I’m going to pass this challenge on to…

John Booth

Diane Nelson

Maria Kuroshchepova

James McShane

Greta Van Der Rol

Terry Kroenung

Steven Novak

I got a brilliant review!!!

LOOK! One of my very favourite authors has reviewed my latest book and he likes it!! WOOHOOO!!!
*dances around the room*
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Young Adult Fantasy, 10 Oct 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Angel’s Crown (The Secret of Arking Down) (Kindle Edition)

I have bought and read several of Kira’s books, but this one stands head and shoulders above them. It is a wonderfully imaginative piece of young adult writing,

It traces the life of Jenni from the moment her parents divorce and physically move apart. Her father takes her away from her identical twin sister, a girl she has been telepathically linked to since birth to a town far from home. Jenni wants to wallow in despair, but from the moment she arrives she finds herself in the thick of it.

This is a rollercoaster of a story told by someone with a great imagination. Ancient houses, standing stones, secret passages and other worlds await. It is no wonder that Jenni’s sister soon becomes jealous (I was). This book overflows with ideas, energy and wit.

Not so much a coming of age story as a ‘becoming’ story. It sets up a universe of immense complexity with a host of characters you will want to know more about. The only complaint I had was that I couldn’t read the sequel straight after I finished this one


I suppose I had better get on and finish editing the second book so I can get it out! Once I’ve got the bubbles out of my system though…

*goes back to dancing*