The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman – Vox

The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman – Vox.

I, personally, will not stand for this. I want the world my girls grow up in to not only be safe for them, but safe for my son as well.

My partner and I are bringing him up to be as aware of himself and his effect on people around him as possible and we don’t need the pervasive misogynistic atmosphere that this planet currently has to be confusing him.

We are all Human;
no matter what our gender assignment is;
no matter what our sexual preference is;
no matter what our romantic preferences are;
no matter what our race is;
no matter what our Religion is;
no matter what our Personal Beliefs are.

It is time we recognised that FACT and act as a species to change the world we live in. We are good at changing what stands in our way, it’s what has made us the most successful predator on the planet, so let’s use that ability on our OWN CULTURE and change it for the better.

All Change!

Welcome to the new look “World of the Teigr Princess”!

I got bored of the old look; it was dark and gloomy, not welcoming in any way. I also got bored of keeping everything separate; it takes such a lot of effort to keep more than one blog going and I am, essentially lazy – show me the easy way to do something and I’ll do it…

…Except when I am making things – I go for quality when I’m designing and making, as well as when I am editing / formatting…


So the last few days have been spent rearranging things on this blog, removing stuff from the other blogs and adding it into the mix here.

If you take a look at the menu bar, I’ve separated the book pages into menus under the pen name (Kira Morgana or A. E. Churchyard) that they are published as. Where a series is listed, each series has a sub menu with a page for each book. Just hover over the menu to explore.

I’ve also added a “Free Stuff to Read” section. You’ll find different pieces of work in here; a serial story called “Confessions of an Unintentional Bartender“, a Doctor Who Fan-fiction and space to expand into; I’m intending on posting some of my poetry and short stories that haven’t been published yet. I’ll also be doing Author Interviews and Book Reviews, so keep your eyes open for that!

The final section (which isn’t up yet) is going to be about my other creative endeavours… as you may remember, I design and make a variety of objects using various different techniques; everything from Cakes, Cookies and Candy to Figurines, Jewellery and Jumpers. I’m going to showcase the best of my work from all of those areas.

And yes, I’ll still be blogging about whatever pops into my head, be it books, bread or babies…


Over Half way through…

… the month of NaNoWriMo and I still haven’t hit the half way point of the MS yet…

I’m stuck at under 20k and I should be at nearly 30k.


There are lots of excuses you can use when you’re a writer, especially one who works from home and has to bring up the kids at the same time as writing.  But they are excuses… and I am not going to trot them out – you’re all intelligent and imaginative, you work them out.

The only one which I consider valid is the fact that I am pregnant and it causes me to take involuntary naps and the most absurd times of day – believe me, when I feel my body shutting down to go to sleep, I have to head for the couch or risk sleeping face down in a puddle of drool on my keyboard.

Which would not be good for my keyboard or my face.

There are eleven chapters up on Wattpad for you to read should you wish to – I’ll understand if you don’t want to, after all, it is the first draft and as Hemingway said:

The first draft of everything is shit.

If you do read it, then feel free to leave any comments you like… I’ll be taking them into account when I do the editing. Just for the moment I’d like to be able to get on and actually write the first draft…

‘Ullo, I just realised, I’m procrastinating again… better get back to the writing!